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Office of Environmental Management of U.S. Department of Energy

The office of Environmental Management (EM) was created within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 1989 to reduce the risks and provide for the safe clean up of the environmental legacy of the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

The mission of EM is to complete the safe cleanup of the environmental legacy brought about five decades of nuclear weapon development and government-sponsored nuclear energy research.  It is one of the largest, most diverse, and technically complex environmental programs in the world.  The office of EM also provides for the following:

-Construction and operation of facilities to treat radio active liquid tank waste in to a safe, stable form in order to enable ultimate disposition.
-Keep nuclear material in a stable, safe configuration in secure locations to protect national security.
-Transportation and disposition of low level wastes in a safe, and cost effective manner to reduce risk.
-Remediation of soil and ground water, which was contaminated with radioactive and hazardous constituents.
-Decontamination and decomposition of facilities that provide no further value is promoted in order to reduce long-term liabilities.
-Fulfillment of the commitment like reduction of risk and completion of clean up across all sites for the future generations.

The office of EM gives utmost priority to safety.  It is concentrating more on project management in order to provide cost effective risk reduction.

Inside Office of Environmental Management of U.S. Department of Energy